About Website Warmer

Website Warmer was developed to keep your site as fast as possible by priming caches and avoiding cold-start penalties. Once deployed it provides 24/7 monitoring from any of 30 locations around the world.
Configurable alert notifications will email you when an error occurs or performance falls outside the bounds you configure. Summary statistics on your dashboard make it simple to monitor your site performance and set up alerts appropriately.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits from consistent and reduced response times. You cannot know when a search-engine is going to scan your site, so you want it to be primed and ready when they do.
You'll have peace-of-mind knowing that your site won't suffer cold-start penalties. Additionally you will be able to monitor the availability and response times of your site's content 24/7 with the subscriber dashboard.
If your site is running on a low-cost 'shared server', you will be sure that traffic to other sites on that server are less likely to reduce your site's performance because regular requests to the pages defined in your sitemap will ensure the webserver, database and router caches remain primed with your site's data.

How it works

Website Warmer works by making regular requests to the content defined in your sitemap.xml or category sitemaps. Response time, response status and content length of the response are recorded and reported in the subscriber dashboard.
With 30 locations to choose from, you can set the source of requests close to your customers (or a search-engine) thereby priming router caches along the path between your site's server and the consumers that matter most.

Who's it built for

Website Warmer was originally developed to help sites with very limited traffic on shared servers respond as fast as possible. We found our wordpress backed e-commerce sites also benefited from Website Warmer's regular requests. Additionally we found performance and availability monitoring is actually useful for any marketer and for most websites.
It is not designed for use with member-only sites requiring login to access, or extremely large sites with tens of thousands of pages. Nevertheless sites with very large catalogs can benefit by using Website Warmer to sample pages, and this can be done by placing representative and important locations first in the sitemap, or category sitemaps.
Single-page-applications (SPA)s, especially those rendered in client-side javascript, are unlikely to see as much benefit from Website Warmer. Because javascript is not executed by Website Warmer only your webserver is monitored, unless you're using SSR (server side rendering).

21-Day Free Trial

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