Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need a sitemap.xml?

    A sitemap.xml defines what content of your site Website Warmer should monitor. 'Content' is typically pages of your site, however sitemap can also define the location for images and other downloadable assets. By utilizing the sitemap.xml you are in control of what pages or content you want to prioritize for monitoring.

  • There is a limit on the amount of data that can be stored in a single record. Website Warmer stores the url, response status, content length and response time for each of the locations in the sitemap.xml. That hits the storage limit after 150 requests.

  • Each monitor run is scheduled roughly 15 minutes apart. A 10-minute run limit ensures runs do not overlap.

  • There are two ways to cancel a trial or subscription, both require you to be logged in to the subscriber area. First, login to the subscriber area and click on 'Manage Account' in the top nav-bar. On the left menu, select either 'Billing portal' and cancel subscription there, or click 'Personal data' and then 'Delete'. Both these actions cancel your subscription immediately and no further charges will be processed. Deleting your personal data will delete your login immediately and you will be logged out. Deleting your subscription in the Billing portal cancels your subscription immediately but leaves you logged-in and the subscriber dashboard remains available for roughly one-hour after cancelling.

  • No problem. The pages monitored up to the time-limit are stored and reported in the Dashboard. Website Warmer keeps an eye on the time limit after each request, so if your sites are especially slow one day then it will stop a few seconds before the limit is hit and store your data so it is available to be reported on the subscriber dashboard.

  • Ensure the important pages are the first locations listed in your sitemap.xml or category sitemap files.

  • No, just like a search engine can't login to your site, neither can Website Warmer.

  • Yes, each category sitemap will contribute a fraction of the maximum 150 pages. For example, for a site with 10 categories each category will contribute 15 pages.

  • We use Screaming Frog SEO Spider, which is an app you can download. Alternatively there are online tools such as

  • Probably not. Most analytic tools utilize client-side javascript that needs to be executed in the browser to track a page-view. Website Warmer does make requests to the server and server-side metrics will reflect monitoring.

  • This is because your email address is your login username to the subscriber dashboard and must be unique. You can use the same email address and append '+whatever' to your account name and it will work. For example an email sent to [email protected] will be delivered to [email protected] and yet will create a unique login for the dashboard so you can have multiple subscriptions using the same email and yet with different usernames for login to subscriber dashboard.

  • We record subscribed domains to defend against repeat subscribe then unsubscribe behavior to monitor a site at our expense. Please refer to the terms of service for description of this policy. If you feel it has been applied incorrectly, you can contact us on [email protected] and apply for a review.