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Standard is the best value subscription for multiple websites.

Up to 10 sites can be added.

  • Keep your servers warmed-up & avoid cold-start load-times
  • Monitor your hosting provider 24/7
  • Peace of mind from knowing your website is always available

All plans are risk-free with a 21-day fully-functional trial period

You have the option for billing Annually, Quarterly, or Monthly

A sitemap.xml is required for WebsiteWarmer to work

Also note maximum run time is 10 minutes

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Step 1: Enter your domains and validate their sitemaps
Step 2: Choose a datacenter location, this is where Website Warmer will scan from
(if unsure, choose San Francisco)
Step 3: Enter your email address & password (this will be your dashboard login)
Step 4: Select billing frequency (processed after 10 day trial) Step 4: Select billing frequency (processed immediately)
Step 5: Setup payment method