Terms and Conditions

10 Day Trial Offer

The offer of a free 21-day trial can only be used once per domain. Subsequent subscriptions for that domain are allowed, for example to monitor from another location, however billing will commence immediately and the trial period is not available. This applies to subsequent subscriptions for cancelled trials also.


Cancellation can be made at any time however note, any unused portion of a subscription will not be refunded. Detailed steps and instructions of how to cancel is available on the FAQ page.


It is the responsibility of the subscriber to ensure each monitored site has a parseable sitemap.xml, with locations, hosted at the root of the monitored domain, or redirected from there, as this is required for Website Warmer to operate. Failure to host a parseable sitemap will be reported in the subscriber dashboard, however corrective action is the responsibility of the subscriber.

Cross-site Locations

Cross-site locations are not valid for monitoring by Website Warmer and will be ignored if found in the sitemap.

10 Minute Runtime Limit

It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the 10 minute run-time limit is considered. Especially for multi-domain subscriptions. For example if you are monitoring 10 sites that each take 2 minutes to scan, then some sites will not be monitored as the run-time limit will be reached first.
To mitigate against run-time limit issues you could put the smaller sites first, reduce the sitemap to representative content or add another subscription to cover the other sites. Feel free to email us if this applies and you would like assistance.


Website Warmer is provided as a third-party monitoring solution for public websites. We make no claim as to subscriber's sites availability, nor performance of any subscriber sites.